February 17, 2016 – Mrs P

Candice Rochford successfully recovered compensation in the sum of £5900 for Mrs P; a passenger in a taxi that had been involved in a collision with a bus. 

On completion of the case, we asked Mrs P how she felt Candice had handled matters, and whether there was anything that Avadis & Co. Solicitors could do to improve on the service that she received. 

Mrs P not only relayed that Candice’s work was ‘too good’, but suggested that there was absolutely ‘no need’ for the firm to improve on anything.  Mrs P went on to confirm that she would be recommending Candice, and the firm as a whole in the future.

When asked to describe Candice in a few words – Mrs P used the phrases:

  • ‘Excellent’
  • ‘Perseverant’
  • ‘Fierce’
  • ‘Always Present’