Making Avadis & Co Run

I have been with Avadis & Co. for the summer of 2013, starting in June and finishing in the middle of September in order to finish my final year of studies at the University of Southampton.

During my time at the company, I have taken on the official title of Marketing Assistant with the aim of boosting the firm’s presence in North London and particularly in Camden, as we have just moved into a brand new office in the area. I set up our social media websites (which you can now follow), launched our latest podcast series on our YouTube account and even sent a few emails to you all! Yet what I am most proud of from my time here is the planning of the Avadis & Co. 5K run.

At the time of writing, our sponsored run is due to take place in approximately eight hours, which is very exciting for everyone in the office. The most satisfying aspect of the event is that Avadis & Co. is immersing itself within the local community. We are working with a local athletics club to offer a brilliant prize to the most outstanding junior athlete of the race and it is humbling to know that we are supporting the community’s youth talent. Tonight promises to be a fun evening, albeit slightly exhausting for those taking part; we have worked hard for this event and fingers crossed that all goes well!

Avadis & Co. has also taught me a lot throughout the summer. Before I joined the team, I had an array of marketing experience, but I believe that I have progressed leaps and bounds whilst working here. Despite not having a law degree to my name, I have learnt a lot about the profession and am grateful to have a greater understanding of the areas of law that we specialise in. I will definitely maintain an interest in the industry in the future.

I would like to thank everyone at Avadis & Co. and I am excited to see the direction the company goes in from now on.

Neil Mandell