New £80m Plan to Tackle Domestic Violence

Fjolla Gjyshinca For Avadis & Co. Solicitors 


The Government has publicly announced a £80million strategy to protect victims of domestic violence. The new plan was made known earlier this week on International Women’s Day by the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

The money is linked to the government report titled ‘Violence against Women and Girls Strategy 2016–2020’, published on March 8th. [1] The report highlights the UK’s leading role in confronting the violence women and girls around the world are subjected to. [2] In a significant change in government response, the Home Secretary has stated that the fund is to be spent on the improvement of secure refuges and other expert accommodations. [3]

A new Service Transformation Fund, to be established in 2017, will help promote projects aiming to prevent violent and abusive behaviour from becoming ingrained. [4] Further to this, the projects will also focus on establishing the most effective ways to help victims of domestic abuse and their families. [5]

According to the Home Secretary, new rehabilitation programmes for perpetrators will also be funded by the plan. [6] The Government will work closely with local authorities to ensure such schemes, which include mental health interventions, are put into effect. [7] By doing so, the Government hope to change the attitudes and behaviours of perpetrators in an effort to reduce the number of female victims. [8]

Other measures of the £80million plan include support for new modern technologies to be utilised by the police – such as GPS satellite tracking and body-worn cameras – to help identify offenders earlier. [9]

Announcing the plans in Parliament, Theresa May argued a united action is needed in response to the scale of offences recorded by the police. “From health providers to law enforcement to employers and friends and family, we all need to play our part.” [10]