New £14m scheme aimed at Youth Mentoring

Peter Karunwi For Avadis & Co. Solicitors


Many struggling school pupils feel isolated due to the lack of professional help they’re receiving. Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a new government initiative set to target young people trapped in “cold spots” [1] throughout the country; who don’t have access to mentors.

The mentoring initiative aims to support as many as 25,000 of our young people over the period of the next four years. The Careers & Enterprise Company; well known for providing proven mentoring programmes reducing the disengagement of young people – will be responsible for managing the £12m fund. Chair of The Careers & Enterprise Company, Christine Hodgson has stated that ‘our schools and employers need to work closer together to prepare young people for work. [2]

853,000 young people aged 16-24 were NEET in between the months of October-December 2015: a staggering 11% of all young people aged 16-24.[3] ‘NEET’ [not in education, employment and training]. Statistics prove young people who can recount four encounters with businesses are five times less likely to be NEET and on average will earn 16% more than those who ae unable to. [4]

To help encourage quality businesses and professionals to engage in the scheme, the government has decided to invest £2m of the fund on an advertising campaign to back and strengthen the scheme. With the support of quality businesses and professionals, young people; regardless of their circumstances, can be put on the right track to fulfil their potential.

The Prince’s Trust is just one of many schemes which show just how instrumental, and what a fundamental role mentors can play in young people’s lives; especially with regard to gaining the confidence to succeed on any life path they decide to take.

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