Divorcee Wins 90% of Husband’s Wealth

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A business woman who left behind her career to look after her children has been awarded 90% of the family assets she formerly shared with her ex-husband by a divorce judge.

Jane Morris and Peter Morris, a managing director of a software company, had been married for 25 years before their split in 2013. [1] It is reported that Mrs Morris had to quit her career as a recruitment consultant in order to be a “stay at home mum” for 20 years whilst Mr Morris continued to earn £240k annually through his career. [2]

The court heard details of how the couple enjoyed extravagant spending both during their marriage and after their break-up. However, their continued lavish lifestyle reduced their multi-million-pound family fortune to £560,000, consequently bringing them “to the brink of financial disaster.”[3]

Divorce judge, Glen Brasse, stated Jane Morris was left with a “low earning capacity… in her middle fifties with rusty skills” because she had to sacrifice her career and therefore is in need of the “adequate maintenance” the 90% award will provide. [4]

In light of the husband’s “substantially larger earning capacity into the future”, Judge Brasse concluded that “the priority must be given in my judgement to the housing of the wife and children.” Almost half a million pounds were handed to Mrs Morris and only £66,000 to Mr Morris. [5]

Mr Morris now faces a six-week prison sentence for failing to pay the £77,000 worth of maintenance funds ordered by Judge Hughes QC last July. [6] The case is set to return to the court of appeal at a later date.

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