March 5, 2015 – Mrs B Testimonial

“When I fell almost 9 feet and broke many bones, I found Laurie Avadis somehow. His work was very good. As was Candice’s work who joined in on my case a bit later.

The fact that a barrister was brought in, and I was examined by Laurie’s orthopedic surgeons and neurologists really helped my case. As I was not a big money maker at the time, and although still working and physically active teaching Alignment Therapy, my age was against me. The barrister pointed out a case of a young female dancer who injured herself far less than myself, but because she was very young, she got almost double what I ended up getting.

I am now in great pain in the lower half of my body. Probably  because the bones healed in a twist–having not had sufficient initial support from the Royal Free. Initially I had broken ribs and clavicle and had dreadful pains in upper part of my body.  So I am in consistent various forms of therapy since 2009 still. But I have to say, if Laurie Avadis hadn’t been so patient and kept the fight going, I would not have got anything close to what I eventually received.

Many thanks AVADIS & Co.  Given an opportunity, I would recommend them without reservation.


Mrs B”