Why are Women more likely to file for Divorce?

Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) showed that same-sex female couples are more likely to dissolve Civil Partnership than men and those women within heterosexual couples are also more likely to file for Divorce.

The statistics showed that in 2011 women initiated 66% of Divorces in England and Wales. However, this percentage shows a huge reduction in women initiated divorced since the start of the 1990s.

So why do women supposedly get cold feet? (or so the statistics suggest)

A common misconception is that a breakdown is due to the adulterous man. ASKMEN, an online blog space, state that

‘Pervasive in television and movies, the only acceptable representation of man is that of the irresponsible, beer-drinking dimwit. We are living in the anti-male age, where men are the new scapegoats for all of society’s evils. It was only a matter of time before this trend reached the courtrooms.’

However the ONS does not support this claim (not even slightly). In fact the adulterous man seems to be nothing more than a myth with fewer than 15% of divorces being due to this. In actual fact the adulterous women seems to be more of a common occurrence with over 17% of women being unfaithful.

Unreasonable behaviour has taken the lead for the most common ground for divorce initiated by women. Unreasonable behaviour can be anything from uncontrollable spending to failing to remove a bucket of plaster from the family living room. However women are by no means the innocent party. Of the divorces granted to the men, the most common ground were the women’s unreasonable behavior in 36% of cases.

The statistics also underlined that two years’ separation with consent only appeared in 32% of cases and that very few decrees (0.1%) were granted jointly.