Domestic Violence Victims face an unfair burden as Government Support suffers significant cuts

Domestic Violence is something many of us hear about and choose to ignore, and the reason we do this is not because we do not want to help, we just do not know how to.

A survey conducted in 2011 showed that, on average, a Domestic Violence victim will contact 11 agencies before they receive the help they need. This means ten missed opportunities to help a very vulnerable person.

Reports have flooded the news this morning regarding the lack of protection offered to those who suffer Domestic Violence. This has been announced within a week of International Elimination of Violence against Women Day which was held on 25th November 2013.

This year the allocated theme and the name of the campaign, which runs from 25th November until 10th December, is “Orange the World in 16 Days”. Participants are encouraged to form ‘orange partnerships’ and to display the colour orange during the events.

Although events such as this have been organised, the news that local support groups are to suffer yet more cuts to their funding has left communities shaken.

The Government has made contributions to protect victims, such as the introduction of Claire’s Law in November 2013, which allows people to check the criminal background of their new partners. Furthermore, a spokesman from the Home Office has stated that £40million has been ‘ring fenced’ for local services to protect Domestic Violence victims. However, more still needs to be done.

Combatting Domestic Violence will take more money, time and support for local charities and community groups, to ensure that victims get the care they need.

In addition to this, education needs to be at the forefront of the battle against Domestic Violence. We need to be actively educating all ages about what constitutes Domestic Violence and signposting victims and their family members to the right organisations to ensure that their circumstances are dealt with sensitively, suitably and swiftly to minimise harm.

Domestic Violence is something many of us hear about and choose to ignore, however it is now time to act to ensure better protection is available for victims of Domestic Violence.

Do not suffer in silence.