Cyclist Suffers Serious Injury In Camden Lorry Crash

What will it take for lorry drivers to become more aware that they control driving machines capable of crushing and killing people? We frequently have to advise people injured on the roads.

Cycle highways and cycle lanes lull people into a sense of security. There needs to be consistency – motorists must not be allowed to drive over blue lines in any circumstances. Drivers who park in red routes must be punished by having their cars towed and crushed. ┬áDrivers of Lorries must be trained specifically to be aware of cyclists and pedestrians – particularly when cornering.

Bus drivers often treat the rest of the road as an irrelevance, pulling out or cornering aggressively without regard to the dangers they pose. Motorists speed round corners without considering the carnage they might cause.

This week I met a new client who suffered catastrophic injuries when an overtaking car struck him outside his home. The car did not stop. We will guide him through the process of claiming compensation for his injuries from the beginning to the end of the process. We will ensure that he gets the best possible care and treatment and try to minimise the huge impact the incident has had on his life. We see too many men women and children injured in this way on our roads and the government needs to take action right now!