Joining Avadis & Co

Recently graduating with a 2:1 in Law LLB from the University of Exeter, moving from the West Country to London to join Avadis & Co and complete my LPC has taken some getting used to but I am more than enjoying the challenge.

I am now a marketing assistant and also looking to provide legal support to the team – it is a great role for me as a recent graduate as I am able to stay up to date with my legal knowledge and use it (which I know many graduates do not have the opportunity to say – making me very lucky!) but this role also allows me to develop my inter personal and IT skills too.

Within my first week I signed up to take part in the 5km run set up with Avadis & Co and Highgate Harriers (but sadly I have suffered a hockey injury and could not take part). The event was very successful and was for a great cause; supporting future athletes after the triumph of the Olympics! The great thing about Avadis & Co is the continued want to be involved with and support of the community. That’s one of the driving factors behind the firm and a very positive ethos to work around.

So, what are my goals? Those who know me best are aware that I just don’t stop and that is exactly what I am going to do; not stop (although the hockey injury is trying its hardest).  I have a few exciting ideas which already look promising so watch this space. I will keep an up to date blog, detailing my experiences within the firm, my completion of my LPC and also exciting updates in the law and our own events.

With regards to legal updates I found myself thinking about how law affects each of us on a daily basis. I am one of those individuals with a huge handbag that you simply can never find anything in. In other words, similar to the scene in Mary Poppins where she pulled lamps and other insanely large pieces of furniture from her bag, I do similar, however nowhere near as eloquently. So whilst frantically trying to find my Oyster Card this morning (which involved emptying my entire bag and questioning the importance of the tiny piece of plastic) it dawned on me how much the law does govern everyday life.

Looking at my Oyster Card stared back at me the basics of contract law – offer, acceptance and consideration – TFL had offered me my ticket to travel, I had accepted and paid for it in a matter a seconds. The law is amazing – it governs everyday actions without you even realising it… think of your relationships (family law), your career (employment law) even watching the TV or driving your car you need a licence – all of which governed by some sort of law.

From my experiences so far at Avadis & Co the solicitors here not only recognise the impact of law on every day situation they understand the importance of the law and justice. Their passion is the driving force behind their success. Furthermore, support is always offered by correctly advising those they represent.

I am very excited to be involved with such a stimulating firm and I look forward to my future here at Avadis & Co.